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Dear Adventure Racer:

As adventure racing grows, race organizers struggle to provide events
that interest and challenge adventure race participants.  In February of 2002, many of the worlds top industry professionals will attending the International Adventure Travel Show in Chicago.  A competitor survey is being conducted by an independent researcher to identify the desires of adventure racers.  The results of this survey will be presented at the Adventure Travel Show.

By taking a moment to visit the web address listed below and complete the survey, you will have an opportunity to shape future adventure racing events around the world.  Your participation helps ensure that the competitor's voice is heard.

The survey will take you less than five minutes to complete.  Please
take a moment to complete this survey.  Simply click on the link below and answer the questions as best you can.  Thank you.

Click here to complete the survey

Surveys must be completed by February 18th to be included in the final data.

Thank you.

Danny Suter