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Are you ready for a navigation challenge? 
Do you REALLY know how to read your map? 
 Tired of wearing that heavy compass around your neck?  

Come join the Chicago Area Adventure Racing Association at the following Chicago Orienteering Club meets and take the Compass-Free challenge. 


March 23 - Swallow Cliffs


June 8 - Waterfall Glen West


September 21 - Willow Springs

Here are the rules::

1. Find the Chicago Area Adventure Racing Association banner on a car near the start/finish area to let us know you're taking the challenge.
2. Follow the designated course (To be determined on the day of the meet) and start no later than 10:30 AM. 
3. Head out on the course with only your map and your bloodhound-like tracking skills...leave the compass in your car.
4. Stop by and give us your official time when you're done. 
5. Be the fastest CAARA member to complete the entire course and you'll win fabulous gifts and prizes, courtesy of the Chicago Area Adventure Racing Association.