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GoLite is honored to have been Team Eco-Internet's manufacturer of choice
for a selection of gear they have been using in recent races.  We of course
love Ian and Team Eco-Internet, but we also want to help all adventure
racers lighten their loads.  GoLite is proud to offer pro deal pricing on all of our gear to anyone who can prove that he/she has in the last year, or will in the next year, be an
official entrant in an upcoming adventure race.

GoLite's been around for about two years, so we're a relatively small
company, but we already have excellent dealers all over North America and
Europe.  We want to support our dealers as best we can, and we know that
getting the word out to world-class athletes and adventurers such as you is
one of the best ways we can do that.  GoLite offers a full range of
waterproof-breathable apparel, packs, wind shells, insulated apparel,
sleeping systems, shelters, and accessories, all available now.  We offer several products specifically geared towards adventure racing.

For example, we hope our "Speed" adventure racing pack will become your
pack of choice in your next race.  It's 26 oz (+ 5 oz for the hydration
system), with a 3-liter big-zip Platypus hydration system built in, helmet
holder, 5 external mesh pockets, daisy chain and tool retention strap,
webbing hip belt with pockets for your bars, hourglass shape for your
elbows to swing freely, drain holes, etc. etc.  Anyhow, it's an awesome

To get GoLite gear at pro deal, please call our customer service manager,
Jessica Jaret, during 8am - 5pm MST Monday - Friday at 1-888-546-5483 (1-

Best of luck with your next adventure race!

Kim Coupounas

Kimberly A. R. Coupounas
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
5785 Arapahoe, Suite D
Boulder, CO  80303
Ph: (303)546-6000 Fax: (303) 546-6557