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bulletFor night sections when glow sticks are required and teams are clustered, use a distinct color or combination of colored glow sticks. For example, rubber band or duct tape a blue and red glow stick together or tape a stripe across a glowstick.  This should aid with locating your teammate(s) from a group of racers in the dark.  I think this strategy could have helped in the Mid-America Xtreme and Pathfinder 2001 because both had night starts on the water or leading to water.  It was difficult at times to pick out where my teammates were amongst all the noise from other teams trying to find their members.  Another idea is to use novelty glow items such as necklaces, stars, etc.
bulletWrap duct tape around the end of a pencil and toss it in your pack.  You'll never know when you will need it...and you will need it at some time!
bulletWhen packing your gear, gather all the things you think you'll need, then eliminate the things that are "nice to have's".  Then, pack half of what's left.  Remember, you've got to haul all this stuff on your back for the whole race.
bulletAlways take a pencil (ink bleeds when wet) and note pad to pre-race briefing. You WILL  forget something important 16 hours into a race.
bulletWhen carrying a Nalgene water bottle of 36oz capacity, make it a multi-carrying device.  Wrap duct tape to the outside of the bottle, in the event that you need to use the duct tape for easy repairs or foot maintenance.  It's available whenever you need it. 


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