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Please read the complete series rules before registering your team:

bulletEach registered team will consist of a maximum of  five official members.  The names and contact information for team members must be submitted prior to the team's competing in their second qualifying race for the 2003 season.  This will allow teams who learned about the series while attending their first race to include the points from that race in the series standings
bulletOnly additions to the official team members are permitted during the season.  Teammates may not be changed or removed from the roster
bulletAt least three of the five official members must compete in a race for the team's results to count toward the team's points total.  A "wildcard" teammate not listed on your five member roster may be included on a team for any race.  There are no additional restrictions on the "wildcard" person used in a race where only three of the official members are competing
bulletAt least three of the five official team members must be members of the Chicago Area Adventure Racing Association.  (Not a member yet?  Join online now)
bulletTeams must participate in at least two of the included races to qualify for prizes
bulletThe team's best 4 finishes will be included in the final results
bulletPoints will only be awarded for the four person co-ed team category (three person co-ed category will count if the race does not offer a four person co-ed category)
bulletRace lengths and points awarded will be determined based on the finishing time of the first four person co-ed team (i.e. if the first place team finishes in 19 hours, all teams will be awarded points based on the 1-24 hour points schedule regardless of their finishing time)
bulletPoints will be based on the finishing position in the team's class.  If the race's qualifying class (four person co-ed, or three person co-ed if four person class is not offered) has less than 10 registered teams, points will be awarded based on the team's overall finishing position of all teams in the race
bulletThe team must finish the complete, original course as defined by the Race Directors. (Modified course finishes will only be included if all teams entered in the race are using a modified course (i.e. event shortened due to weather, access issues, etc.)
bulletThe team must finish as a complete team
bulletAn individual can only be registered on one team
bulletTeams may only register one time for the series
bulletWe reserve the right to amend the rules to provide clarification or ensure equity among participants

All team members have read and agree.  Let us register now!

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