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Wilderness First Aid

Wilderness Medicine differs significantly from standard Red Cross courses and other programs that are oriented towards the urban environment.  The WFA program from Wilderness Medical Associates provides the perfect foundation for the self-sufficient adventure racer.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will have learned:

        How to deal with medical emergencies when help is miles away and dialing 911 is not an option

        How to prepare for emergency situations that involved prolonged patient care, severe environments, and improvised equipment

        Principles of patient assessment, body systems, trauma, environmental medicine, toxins, backcountry medicine, and wilderness rescue

        Dealing with hypothermia and hyperthermia

        And more!!

Many adventure racing organizations require at least one team member to have first aid training and this program will provide you with the knowledge to pass adventure race skills requirements.

The Wilderness First Aid seminar may also be used as a re-certification option for those with a current Wilderness First Responder or Wilderness EMT certification.  Contact us to discuss.

More Information: Click here to view a complete description

Date and Time: June 21-22, 8-5 pm

Location: Libertyville

Cost: $215 members / $225 non-members